FarmPower – small scale biogas plants

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FarmPower – small scale biogas plants


For farms looking to promote their independence and self-reliance Agrinz provides decentralized biogas plants with efficient ratio of input materials to electrical output. Although this technology currently takes advantage of various national subsidy programmes it lays a foundation to provide a sustainable operation in future over the long term.

Small scale biogas plants from Agrinz are highlighted by their robust technology, independence and self-reliance, minimal investment costs and high efficiency.

Standardized modules enable short construction times, flexible set up and simple operation handling.



FarmPower 30

FarmPower 50

Farmpower 75



30 kW

50 kW

75 kW



50 kW

70 kW

110 kW

Life stock

From 100

Life stock unit

From 160

Life stock unit

From 240

Life stock unit

Usable Digester volume

300 m³

500 m³

800 m³