Industrial waste digestion plants

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Industrial waste digestion plants


The utilization of organic waste in biogas plants not only creates value as an additional source for renewable energy but also contributes to a more sustainable environment.

State of the art technology for waste preparation and separation, innovative plant design and high-quality standards of execution are the main characteristics that highlight of our facilities.

Customized plant design even for heavily contaminated organic waste streams:

Communal bio-waste, packaged food waste, kitchen and food waste, slaughter house waste, by-products of the food industry, distillery wastes, fat separator residue, citrus wastes, flotate tailings, etc.


For complex solutions we rely on field tested technology and state of the art equipment for:

arrow Waste transfer stations      
arrow Depackaging units    
arrow Grid removal systems    
arrow Pasteurization/sterilization    
arrow Hydrolytic preparation    
arrow Analysis and measurement technology    
arrow Discharge air cleaning systems    
arrow Safety technology