Agrinz Technologies became Engineering partner of Poll Umwelt und Verfahrenstechnik from Germany.

The company Poll has developed the system ZetaOptimizer that can increase the efficiency of mechanical waste water sludge dewatering.

…and now it’s bubbling again!

The company Agrinz Technologies was guiding the repowering of the waste water treatment plant Passail over the past 2 years.

Agrinz Technologies qualified for the Champions League

The Agrinz Technologies has qualified for the tender process of the high-profile waste to energy project Peel which will process source separated organic form the greater area of Toronto and will be among the biggest biogas plants in Canada.

Agrinz Technologies selected as technology provider for the biggest anaerobic waste water sludge facility in the Ukraine.

The waste water treatment plant Dnipro produces about 2.000m³ of waste water sludge per day. In future this material will supply electricity for approximately 10.000 homes.

Expansion at the waste processing biogas plant Elmira completed.

After 4 years of operation the SSO treatment line at the industrial waste facility Elmira was doubled in capacity.

Biogas plant Carne San Martin in Nicaragua doubles its capacity.

Agrinz Technologies was contracted with the engineering of the expansion project to double the capacity of the biogas plant Carne San Martin in Nicaragua to a biogas production of equivalent 2 MWel.