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Municipal solid waste treatment

Waste to Energy


Globally 2 billion tons of garbage are produced per year. Until 2050 the annually amount of produced garbage will increase to 3.4 billion tons.

The “Great Plastic Garbage Patch” in the Pacific Ocean is 1.6 Mio km² large. That is 4.5 times the size of Germany.

1.3 billion tons of food go to waste each year. This equals about 1/3 of the production.

The Earth OVERSHOOT DAY 2019, the date on which humanity’s resource consumption for the year exceeds Earth’s capacity to regenerate those resources that year, had been the 29th of July.

The inadequate disposal of waste causes severe damages to health and wellbeing of millions of people and causes unprecedented destruction of our Environment and habitats.

Agrinz Technologies has developed from a long Austrian tradition of respect for nature, the landscape, cultural traditions and that is reflected in our technologies. Everything we do evolves from this feeling of respect for our environment in accordance of preserving our natural resources.

MSW treatment
separate and utilize

Municipal solid waste treatment:

▷ shredding

▷ separation

▷ valorization

Agrinz Technologies works with experienced partners to complete the task of processing, separation, treatment and utilization of municipal solid waste.

In a multistep process that is customized to your needs we develop the solutions to optimum valorization of different waste streams.

Waste to Energy
use all your ressources

process of WASTE TO ENERGY:

▷ shredding/separation

▷ anaerobic treatment of organic fraction

▷ recovery of valuable materials

▷ discharge of inert materials

▷ incineration of light fraction

▷ energy production from biogas and incineration

Municipal solid waste contains many different materials and has in average calorific value of about 8-12 MJ/kg. Not all materials in the MSW are equally suitable for incineration.
By adequate processing of MSW the organic fraction and inert materials can be separated from the fraction with high calorific value, converting the MSW to a fuel with a heat value of 15-22 MJ/kg called RDF or SRF. This is exceeding the energy content of brown coal or wood.
State of the art multistage exhaust gas cleaning allows the operation of incineration units with minimal emissions to air, soil and water.

The organic fraction undergoes anaerobic treatment in the Agrinz Technologies design waste digestion plants and is converted to biogas and a valuable nutrient rich fertilizer.

Once is not enough, recycle.


▷ high efficient separation

▷ recovery of valuable materials

Recycling is one of the most efficient way to decrease our ecological footprint.
The separation of valuable materials from waste is a complex task and requires well designed processes and specialized equipment.

Agrinz Technologies experience in waste processing allows the engineering of customized processes to recover valuables from your materials.