Location: Elmira, Ontario, Canada

The biogas plant Elmira is the most advanced waste utilizing industrial biogas plant in Canada and represents the latest state of the art technology. This plant is able to energetically utilize almost all kinds of organic waste like packed food, food leftovers, organic industrial waste etc.

The project was started already in 2009. The entire approval procedure ( including several road shows and great efforts from Agrinz) took a period of 4 years, because the biogas plant Elmira was the first plant of this type in Canada.

Start of the construction phase was in April 2013 and the commissioning was in May 2014.

Agrinz Technologies GmbH was responsible for the technology, the entire process engineering and project management (detail and execution planning, supervision and coordination, operator training, handing over and commissioning) . Since the plants‘ commissioning Agrinz has been providing after sales service and process consulting.

Input material: (70.000 t/a):
SSO, Expired food, greas & flotates, food waste and left overs

Commissioning: 02/2014

Expansion: 09/2018

12,0 Mio m³ Biogas/a

Electrical output:
2.850 kWel
1.600 kWtherm

Depackaging unit(power 40 t/h)
Grit removal technology
Combined hygienization and hydrolysis technology
Exhaust air filter (Biofilter with mineral filter, capacity 13.000 m3/h)
Digester heating via heat exchanger

Technical data:
5 units storage tanks for input material
1 unit acceptance bunker for solid material
3 units hygienization/hydrolysis tanks
2 units digester
1 unit repository covered
8.000 m3 gas storage capacity