Biogas - renewable energies
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Biogas – renewable energies

Biogas is a renewable energy source, it preserves environmental resources and helps to reduce CO2 emissions by making use of agricultural and industrial waste materials in biological digestion processes. The digestion process creates the two products: the so called biogas and the digestion residue.

Biogas can be transformed into the following forms of energy:





The digestion residue is nutritionally rich and after its processing in the biogas plant it is optimally suited for the use as high-value fertilizer.

water & waste water management

This competence was the first area of expertise of Agrinz Technologies GmbH, the company benefits from Mr. Gerhard Agrinz’s 35 years of working experience.

Within the last decades the company realized numerous and mainly municipal waste water disposal and water supply facilities, what can be proven by hundreds of reference plants.

Soil Water + Life Solutions
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We offer technologies for:

Municipal solid waste treatment

Waste to Energy


Soil Water + Life Solutions

“Who wants the world to stay as it is, does not want it to stay” (Erich Fried)

Agrinz Technologies has developed from a long Austrian tradition of respect for nature, the landscape, cultural traditions and that is reflected in our technologies. Everything we do evolves from this feeling of respect for our environment in accordance of preserving our natural resources