Biogas - Renewable Energies
for a sustainable world of Energy

Biogas is a renewable energy source, it preserves environmental resources and helps to reduce CO2 emissions by making use of agricultural and industrial waste materials in biological digestion processes. The digestion process creates the two products: the so called biogas and the digestion residue.

Biogas can be transformed into the following forms of energy:
▷ Electricity
▷ Heat
▷ Cooling
▷ biomethane
▷ RNG fuel

The digestion residue is nutritionally rich and after its processing in the biogas plant it is optimally suited for the use as high-value fertilizer.

Energy for farm ressources

We consult you on:

▷ biogas potential

▷ selection of plant cultures and planting plans

▷ logistic concepts and harvesting plans

▷ individual plant design

▷ selection of equipment

▷ optimal operation management

▷ determination of fertilizer nutrient value

Agrinz Technologies GmbH has many years of international experience in the planning, construction and operation of agricultural biogas plants.
We have numerous references for a variety of agricultural input materials that go far beyond pure corn silage.

Manure, cattle dung, horse dung, poultry dry dung, sugar beets, fruit- and vegetable waste, grass silage, winter crops, straw and corn straw.

Industrial waste digestion plants
food waste and organic waste is a valuable energy ressource

For complex solutions we rely on field tested technology and state of the art equipment for:

▷ Waste transfer stations

▷ Depackaging units

▷ Grid removal systems

▷ Pasteurization/sterilization

▷ Hydrolytic preparation

▷ Analysis and measurement technology

▷ Discharge air cleaning systems

▷ Safety technology

The utilization of organic waste in biogas plants not only creates value as an additional source for renewable energy but also contributes to a more sustainable environment.

State of the art technology for waste preparation and separation, innovative plant design and high-quality standards of execution are the main characteristics that highlight of our facilities.

Customized plant design even for heavily contaminated organic waste streams:

Communal bio-waste, packaged food waste, kitchen and food waste, slaughter house waste, by-products of the food industry, distillery wastes, fat separator residue, citrus wastes, flotate tailings, etc.

Anaerobic waste water treatment
sustainable sludge management

The plant designs include customized technologies for the utilization of primary and secondary sludge and cofermentation for:

▷ Pumping stations

▷ Static and mechanical sludge thickening

▷ Disintegration plants

▷ Hygienization of cofermentation streams

▷ Sewage sludge digestion

▷ Biogas gas purification and utilization

▷ Separation technologies

▷ ZetaOptimizer


The anaerobic WWTP sludge stabilization not only helps to reduce the amount of sludge but also provides electrical and thermal energy for the operation of the waste water treatment plant.

The Agrinz Technologies GmbH offers turn-key solutions for the anaerobic waste water treatment. For new plants or for the modernization of old plants we offer technologies for the optimal usage of sewage sludge.

Digestion residue utilization
turn your by-product to valuable fertilizer

We consult you on:

▷ Calculation of nutrient value

▷ Choosing the optimal spreading equipment

▷ Separation of the biogas residue

▷ Drying for biogas residue and pellets production

▷ Biogas residue treatment technologies (mechanical / biological)

Biogas residue is a valuable fertilizer that not only contains macronutrients like nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium but also many other important nutrients and trace elements which are essential for optimal crop yields.

The treatment of the biogas residue to further increase its value and feasibility of transportation is a main objective of our company. The treatment of the biogas residue is another potentially valuable revenue stream and is another specialty of Agrinz Technologies GmbH.

make your farm independent

We offer standardized units:

▷ FarmPower 30

▷ FarmPower 50

▷ FarmPower 75

For farms looking to promote their independence and self-reliance Agrinz provides decentralized biogas plants with efficient ratio of input materials to electrical output. Although this technology currently takes advantage of various national subsidy programmes it lays a foundation to provide a sustainable operation in future over the long term.

Small scale biogas plants from Agrinz are highlighted by their robust technology, independence and self-reliance, minimal investment costs and high efficiency.

Standardized modules enable short construction times, flexible set up and simple operation handling.

 FarmPower 30FarmPower 50Farmpower 75
ElectricalPower30 kW50 kW75 kW
thermalpower50 kW70 kW110 kW
Life stockFrom 100Life stock unitFrom 160Life stock unitFrom 240Life stock unit
Usable Digester volume300 m³500 m³800 m³
Gas utilization
Biogas is a mulit-talent and has many different applications

We provide technical solutions for:

▷ Biogas upgrading to natural gas quality

▷ Gas grid inspection

▷ Renewable natural gas (RNG) fuel stations

▷ Direct marketing – peak load demand operation

▷ Combined heat and power units

▷ Utilization of generated heat

▷ Production of cooling energy – trigeneration

▷ Organic rankine cycle (ORC) technologies

Biogas is multi-purpose. Biogas not only enables the production of electricity and heat but can also be used as a fuel and be substitute for natural gas or to produce cooling energy.

Biogas can be stored and therefore not only be used for base load energy production but also to cover peak load demand.

Agrinz Technologies GmbH is your specialized partner for optimal gas utilization technologies.