Location: Ikreny, Hungary

This plant is a specifical, agricultural biogas plant in Hungary representing the latest state of the art technology. The plant is designed to energetically utilize agricultural products as well as animal waste.
Main issues in engineering were to design a robust and easy to operate biogas plant, which allowes a high flexibility of input material at low operating costs.

12 months after project and construction start in 2010 the plant reached full-load operation.

Agrinz Technologies GmbH was responsible for the technology, the entire process engineering and project management (detail and execution planning, supervision and coordination, operator training, handing over and commissioning) . Since the plants‘ commissioning Agrinz has been providing after sales service and process consulting.

Input material:
25.000 t/a cattle manure
7.000 t/a corn silage, Sudan grass,
cattle dung

Commissioning: 2011

2,4 Mio m³ biogas/a

Electrical output:
630 kWel
650 kWtherm

Heat utilization in food processing industry
Utilization of the biological fertilizer on agricultural fields in own property
Peak-demand feed-in tariff

Technical data:
1 unit receiving/mixing pit (usable vol. 200 m3)
1 unit feeding unit for solid input (usable vol. 60 m3)
2 units digester (usable vol. 2.240 m3 each)
1 unit repository (usable vol. 6.200 m3)
2.500 m3 gas storage vol.